Part 2

The What:  I want to tell you about a great book, an amazing book, a book that may change your life. A book you will react to -

I've released it as a creative commons work, which means it is free to share, modify, and make a skit, movie, art, etc. about - I hope you will. 

(Download for free here: )

And while it is one of the most popular books ever written, I bet you've never read it, and many of you, never heard of it.

The book, now updated, draws heavily on Pilgrim's Progress by John Buynan, is available in the public domain, from many places like Project Gutenberg.

The Challenge:  These versions are over 300 years old, and in my limited research, when I started the project, there are no modern versions released into the Creative Commons.  There are great modern English versions, but they are not free for re-use, etc.

This is a barrier few people can overcome easily...

I've also noticed the societal trend for images, video, audio versions to supersede the written word.  I also noticed that learning styles vary.  I can add images, file sizes get big fast however, and it loses the localization I'd like to have - and make it easy to share with your friends!

I decided to update Pilgrim's Progress, with the goal of releasing it as a Creative Commons work in various forms, and inviting community participation especially hoping you all will do fan art, make improv skits, video shorts, all kinds of art and media!  (I go to Sak Comedy Lab, and imagine they could make it a show easily - as could you!)

You are free to make it happen!

I'm having fun with the project, writing, photography, art, sound recording, podcasting, vodcasting, planning, marketing, and so forth.  I hope you will as well.  Ten years on, it's still fun.

Better yet, for you, it is free to read, share, and modify - enjoy.

Here's where I also say thank you to Cory Doctorow who writes effectively on the topic, and make it clear to me this method made the most sense.  Even if he may not enjoy what I write, I honor him for being a voice of how things might work in a meritocracy, and more importantly explaining loving, not punishing your fans who want to share your works.


2017 Versions now available. Free Creative Commons Pilgrim's Progress - Modern English.


Word Doc, Epub, and Open Office Doc.

2017 Versions now available.  Free Creative Commons Pilgrim's Progress - Modern English.



Word doc:


Updated for Sexual harassment stories in 2017, will circle back for more Trump and Doctor Who references as time permits. We are already at 500% percent - not to late for even $1 and the encouragement to help us be successful! So Thanks in Advance! Here is the draft document, work in progress!

Here's the Promo Video for Part 2 - enjoy! Pilgrim's Progress in Modern English, released under Creative Commons -

Find the video here - Pilgrim's Progress, Part 2, The Adventures of Two Tough Women, their Family and Friends! Please feel free to download, share, post elsewhere - etc.

. . .

THE BOOK IS DONE!!! On to the Casting Calls! Help illustrate, TFP in Orlando!

Do you want to help people get the message and do you want to be more famous? 

Maybe you are just looking for a free session with a professional photographer?

Now is your chance - use the images as you wish, Christmas Presents, Facebook, Model Portfolio, they are yours -

We are now making amazing images to illustrate the book,  details below, TFP, you bring your look, friends, and we will make it happen for you - interested, email me : 

I have helped a number of starting models figure out if this was for them, and get some great holiday pictures at the same time.  My Megacon Cosplay images have been seen and enjoyed by thousands, and so I'm pretty open to whatever look you bring - as long as it is safe for kids, a possible audience, so absolutely no nudity, "real" or simulated, we need interesting people to help describe and illustrate the action of the book. 

You have the look already! 

Your benefit, you want a professional photographer with gear to make you look amazing - when you bring the look, make up, clothes, you have always wanted to try - Now is the time, as I'm shooting with a full frame rig, and have time this week.  

If you show up, and are professional, we can move on to the studio at Melrose - 

I am open to TFP on the latest and greatest clothes, and looks, for Vanity Fair, a key scene in the book! 

The project and model roles are here: 

The web version of book can be read here, find a character you want to be, and let me know! … FzsTcg/pub 

Curry Ford/Dean area, East Orlando, daily IF you confirm 24 hours ahead of time - 4:30pm - 6:30pm, as well as mornings as needed, week days; 8 AM Saturday - while light is good.  Cypress Springs Club House area (Location: 10590 Cypress Springs Pkwy S., 32825) Google Maps works. 

I'm flexible if people are available at other times, but I've also had enough no shows that while I understand, I will not want to follow up when I move to the studio shoots / head shots at Melrose Center. 

Thanks much! 

Continuing, let me know if you are interested in modeling -
As time progresses, I'm seeing my MegaCon site has had over 6000 views in just a few months! Just a few photos of nice Cosplayers... Who knows what might happen if my street photography in this contest becomes popular? I'm glad they are reviewing my submission, we'll see how it goes, friends!

Model Release, for adults and minor children. Please email if you have any questions.

Here is where you can obtain the latest version of the Model Release.

PP 2010 Project, Models & Trade for Photos (TFP) work in Orlando

I want to extend to you the opportunity to be part of something larger than yourself, and get lasting fame and exposure in your modeling career.

I am illustrating a classic book, the second most popular book of all time, and still read by millions of people, for the last 300 years.

Based on online downloads of the older versions of the book, millions of downloads, I expect the modern and illustrated version will also generate a great deal of buzz.

In the process, I'm going to be shooting a number of models, male and female, to use as sources for illustrations within the book.

However, as it is a not-for-profit project, I'm going to need to keep the models on a Trade for Photos / Work for Hire status. Naturally, as the book does well, being listed as a model in it, and mentioned in the podcast and audio book versions will help your career.

I'm looking forward to working with you on this and other projects!

Please feel free to ask Questions:

I'm here in Orlando, and this is where all the shooting will take place. Yes, the book is G traded, no nudity, etc.

First Round of Model Shoots - Characters and Ideas

You get to see all the images I take, and pick out the ones that you like, to use for your port, online use, etc.
* I'm fine with escorts, and
* all shoots are with fully clothed models --
* the roles depend on your ability to fit and act out the role, NOT HOW MUCH SKIN is shown.  smile 
* I think we will get great images you can use, and I'm looking forward to working with you!

1) "Shoes are a big deal"  Three characters, called, simple, sloth, presumption... Trash the dress type thing, rough clothes, fashionable rags- anything that makes you look good if trashy smile 3 models, chained loosely around legs, stocks, simple, sloth, presumption,

They are sleeping - wake up - say one line, sleep again. 

Sleep tossed faces, pretty easy at 7 AM smile

In book two, they have been hung (executed). I doubt I will show that, but instead will have all 3 jump off the ground do the shoot will be just their feet/shoes as if hanging by the neck.  (Wife suggests hanging from monkey bars in the park to show this -- Got some fun shoes/heels?)

Male or females, any ages.

While sleeping, Listening to Ipod/mp3 player, headphones, wouldn't be wrong either -- and DS/game players.

The same models can appear in other shoots in different clothes.

I'm inclined to at least 1 plus size models for this, but that's NOT needed for certain, the goal is to project a pouty, rejecting/rebellious attitude.

2) a.  Virtuous Young Things:  sweet intelligent young women with "serious faces" modest, plain attractive dresses/sensible business attire, strong contrast to last 3- looking really good wih the wholesomeness of a fresh peach and cream.  Any race, younger is better, but if you have the look it's a win.  Group of 3, with studious ways... Maybe those 1950 Marylin monroe eye glasses... I am pretty open to what looks good on you-- wholesome and attractive.  If you have two friends and can get matching outfits, all the better!!!  Don't need to be exactly the same, but similar...  Ms. P, Ms. D, Ms. C, etc.

b. Ms. G, Another young woman, with a pitcher, for house of interpreter - similar mien to the women above.  Stylish work clothes if there are such things... Gardening/cleaning clothes - I'd prefer long hair.  Location, need a large beautiful room... Full of dust, which she waters to allow it to be cleaned by...

Somehow, I think one of the young women has braids, librarian look... but I'm not locked to it.  Hair up, if you want to shoot it is fine.  Lois Lane, Girl Next Door with a Book, etc.

3) Law & Order, Strong Sweeper, and Man with A Stick:  large strong male, any race.  Will be Law & could be 2nd role, Moses... [I think Justin might fit the bill. wink ]  Military / police uniform, work clothes, muscles smile. Guy will push broom, which I have.  Ditto location.

4) Ms. Wanton, a seductress - her face and body language need to carry a lot power as it's not that she's lewd as much as tempting... Because kids will read the book, she needs to be fully clothed, no implied, and yet pull off the seductive qualities ... Eyes, lips, face.

It's tricky, but some of you can rise to the level needed. wink  Vamp, Vamp, Vamp!  If you've always wanted to be a bad girl, this is that role!  (Again, she can appear elsewhere in different clothes, but it will take change of hair, etc.)  Also, could be Rogues, thieves, murderers, actors and singers in plays Opera Singers, [Cameron Gagne? smile], Harlots (back to more Seductresses ... you all have that certain black cocktail dress -- yeap, that's the one; what is the male equivalent?  And Red Dresses!

6) The Flatterer, male or female, looking like the main characters ... But with a dark cast... "person wearing white veil" then veil falls off and characters are trapped by her/him.  Any race. Either Sex.  Very nice clothes.  Not rags, think Rx Sales Person... or any slick sales person... that slicked back hair. 
*** MUA Alert *** Under Veil Perhaps crazy joker face   

7) Mr. or Ms. Watchful, a porter (male, older preferred, but open to younger male., Any race) doorman uniform if at all possible.. Porter is kind of grounds keeper guard.  If female had uniform and right look, might use that role, but this section is female heavy and would like to mix it.

8) Book Two, group of female gossipy neighbors, think Desperate House Wives, The View, neighborhood women talking over Maxwell house coffee - 1950's print ads, bit updated, and likely HDR/Tone mapped, but dreary... 4-7 women.  Ms. Bat's eyes has vision issues, etc.  Need to have them all together, and trying for similar attire... at home casual, perhaps... but open to any over arching theme that the models can wear, and all be the same.  As much as I like the idea of house dresses, what do women wear today,   I'm open to what the models come up with -- this is one of the hardest scenes because I need the number together to get the image of the group having the discussion and baiting the poor women in part II

9) Start of story, book 1; 2 males, mr blocker, mr. Flexible.  Blocker opposes the main character, business suit or scary plaids... Face carries emotion, need actor likely, big brute, create face of stupidity.  Mr. Flexible, willowy, soulful, sad puppy dog eyes, which become red points of accusation later.  Need them in 1 scene, together, mr Flexible in 2 more scenes later, with main character, plus falling in swamp, and covered with mud... Returning home looking wet and pathetic... Need range for this character from super happy to disgusted.

10) Fear & Mistrust: 2 runners, sleek but crazed with fear like a mad horse, jogging clothes, captured in motion, do you run 5k races and win? Male or female 2 people ( fear & mistrust ) action. Day into night.

11) 2 Ill-Favored ones (males) men who attempt to assault the women -- open to males only, could be done with masks... got to think about this, the women's reaction is going to be key.  Need to be MUCH larger than the women, so fear is readily seen/danger/story heightening power... leading to their rescue by...

12) Mr. Great Heart -- (Flash Heart in Black Adder, Doc Savage, Two fisted hero fighting crime) a male who radiates power, good will, charm, and force.  Would like a mustache, but am not married to the idea...  Man who makes women swoon, Fabio at his best.  Got the idea. 

I am very open to working with skilled and learning MUA/HAIR/Clothing design folks. Also open to clothing designs that support the goal of the shoot.

Summary:  I'm developing a 350 year old book into modern English, and want to illustrate it with interesting looking people, so I'm open to all shapes and sizes, males and females.  I want it to be as multi-racial as possible, as I've adopted kids of various ethnic groups, and am very aware of the need to have a good mix in a book.

I expect the book, released under Creative Commons, will reach thousands or millions of people, who have wanted to read it, but were put off my the old language so it would be good for your career and exposure.

I love the TFP concept, for this project, it's a win-win.  Your time is valuable, as is mine.  I load all the images to an online site for you to review, and take the time to pick out a selection of the ones you enjoy the most.   I also spend many hours editing and working the images into a form that will work in the book, as well as being useful for your needs.  Mutual respect leads to success.

The shoot will make images that you'll be proud to show everyone!

Locations, I usually shoot in public parks as the natural light is great for what I'm trying to illustrate.  I'm open to other venues.

Please feel free to contact me via the MM site, or via email on the website.

Updates via email to get a free copy, and get updates about the project. Thanks!

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