Part 2

The What:  I want to tell you about a great book, an amazing book, a book that may change your life. A book you will react to -

I've released it as a creative commons work, which means it is free to share, modify, and make a skit, movie, art, etc. about - I hope you will. 

(Download for free here: )

And while it is one of the most popular books ever written, I bet you've never read it, and many of you, never heard of it.

The book, now updated, draws heavily on Pilgrim's Progress by John Buynan, is available in the public domain, from many places like Project Gutenberg.

The Challenge:  These versions are over 300 years old, and in my limited research, when I started the project, there are no modern versions released into the Creative Commons.  There are great modern English versions, but they are not free for re-use, etc.

This is a barrier few people can overcome easily...

I've also noticed the societal trend for images, video, audio versions to supersede the written word.  I also noticed that learning styles vary.  I can add images, file sizes get big fast however, and it loses the localization I'd like to have - and make it easy to share with your friends!

I decided to update Pilgrim's Progress, with the goal of releasing it as a Creative Commons work in various forms, and inviting community participation especially hoping you all will do fan art, make improv skits, video shorts, all kinds of art and media!  (I go to Sak Comedy Lab, and imagine they could make it a show easily - as could you!)

You are free to make it happen!

I'm having fun with the project, writing, photography, art, sound recording, podcasting, vodcasting, planning, marketing, and so forth.  I hope you will as well.  Ten years on, it's still fun.

Better yet, for you, it is free to read, share, and modify - enjoy.

Here's where I also say thank you to Cory Doctorow who writes effectively on the topic, and make it clear to me this method made the most sense.  Even if he may not enjoy what I write, I honor him for being a voice of how things might work in a meritocracy, and more importantly explaining loving, not punishing your fans who want to share your works.


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